Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet/ Polish Women Strike

Razem – Together

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  1. It is nice to see women fighting for women! A woman should be able to decide what to do with her body. The only thing that is worrying me is that woman are starting to see abortion as a supstitute for contraception. It is important to educate women that aboration is very bad for one’s health- I’m not against it, but it is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. There are serious health hazards concerning the abortion( blood loss, etc.), especially when a women has had a number of them.

    But what would happen if abortion was forbidden by law? It would be done on the black market and it would result in a higher number of deaths. Abortions will probably always happen…and if they must happen, isn’t it better to try to save the lives of women? I think abortions must be performed in hospitals and women should have access to it…but it is also important to explain to women, young ladies in particular, that abortion is not contraception and it can’t be used as as a supstitute for it. As much as I’m in favour of abortion being a part of healthcare, I get shocked when I meet women who talk about abortion like it was nothing, for example my grandfather’s sister once causally said she had two abortions done and I almost fell of the chair when I heard it. So, from that perspective I can understand why someone would want to forbid it–but how they do not realize that a law forbidding abortion would not stop abortion? It would only make life riskier for women.

    1. Ivana, thank you very much for your voice in discussion. 🙂 I would like to explain, that Polish women didn’t protest in favour of abortion as such. As it happens we have already got one of the strickest aborion laws in Europe, and there was danger of passing even sticker law. That new law wouldn’t have allowed abortion in almost 100% cases. It wouldn’t have mattered if the woman had been raped, or if fetus had been severeli damaged.
      The protest was therefore about the choice – about decision made by a woman, not the gavernment in her name.
      You are right that it sometimes happens that women mistake abortion for contaception, but I think it is not as often as it used to be. But to stop it there is another problem, which this protest emphasized – simply better sex education and easier access to modern contaception.
      And you are right – we women must stick together – there are problems which concern all of us regardless the country we come from.
      Thanks to your comment you have just proved my point.
      Together we are strong.
      Thanks again and again – best regards 🙂 – Margot

      1. yes, I watched the news and I was surprised that Poland already has had such strich laws…if you compare them with laws in Italia (which is also a catholic state) it is way too strict. I understand that the reasons for protest were not only for the sake of abortion, but also for the rights of women. I totally agree that women should be allowed the choice, but I also wanted to show the other side of the argument, even if I’m not in favour of it. People who are 'pro-life’ don’t realize we live in a complex world. From my point of view, it is important to have good education about contraception. fortunately today women can rely on internet- if nothing else!

        I agree with you- we woman have to stick together. We must not let any government dictate how we live, regardless of the country we live in, we all face similar problems.

        1. Exactly – it was the protest about freedom. I think that we’ve shown the world how strong women can be and that together we can face any obstacles. Governments come and go – and so we cannot be rulled by them in such matters. Thanks again Ivana – so nice of you to comment on my blog. Have a great week – Margot 🙂

  2. Zdecydowanie tak, tylko razem możemy coś osiagnąć. Żaden stetryczały staruch w sejmie nie ma prawa decdować o kobietach. Nasze ciało , nasze sumienie, nasze zdrowie.

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